Frequently asked questions:

A notebook, a personal laptop (if available), a camera -DSLR- (if available), a smartphone.

You can take an intercity bus (KTEL) from any major Greek cities. Visit for bookings and more info.
The journey by car is 5.5 hours from Athens (via Ionia Odos).
From Thessaloniki it is 3.5 hours (via Egnatia Odos).
You can also get to Ioannina by plane.
Have in mind that travelling by car is the fastest way, apart from flying. Please, take into account the cost of tolls. It can be around 30-35 euros.
All transportations from Ioannina to Kato Pedina and vice versa are taken care of by us.

The options are: Labriadios School, an old boarding school used as a hostel that offers 8-person rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

There are also a lot of great guesthouses in the area.
We recommend you get in touch for more info.

Worry not about getting from your guesthouse to the classes. We'll handle it!

Summers in Greece are hot, but not in Zagori. It's usually chilly at night so bring a jacket and trainers.

Zagori offers plenty of choices regarding restaurants, tavernas and cafes.
If you stay at Labriadios you are free to store food and cook.