ZAGORIWOOD: Film Festival & Workshops

ZAGORIWOOD: the 10th year. 9-21 July, 2019.

…ZAGORIWOOD is now 10 years old! It’s been 10 years since that summer of 2010, when for the first time, loaded with cameras and computers, we climbed the lovely mountains of Zagori in Ipirus and landed in Kato Pedina. As we were organising the first launch of the workshops, no one could have imagined the little miracle that followed. Only those who have experienced it –teachers, students, visiting cinematographers, spectators and the residents themselves- can tell its story.

Greece’s first cinematic village carries on, filled with dreams, new goals and the deep desire to fulfill a feat that no one in this country had ever attempted before.

ZAGORIWOOD’s team is already making preparations to let the frenzy for the cinema’s adventure flow towards every direction in July 2019, with the favour of the mountain winds of course.