Our Philosophy

ZAGORIWOOD is a special film festival accompanied by workshops. It takes place every summer on the mountains of Epirus, with the village Kato Pedina being in its centre. Every July, since its premiere in 2010, a team of friends and professionals of the film and audiovisual fields arrives here and participates in the workshops, the screenings and the music or drama events that take place.

Creators of the contemporary film industry come here to screen their work for the first time (as ”works in progress”) even before these works find their way into the international film festivals and cinemas. New filmmakers, on their first steps, come here to delve into more advanced fields of their art. Amateur film enthusiasts   expand their knowledge and learn the secrets of the film art.Our screenings cover a wide spectrum of audiovisual means of expression and a vast variety of film genres. They are of a unique colour and rhythm, since their audience is made up of the workshop students, cinema loving visitors and professional cinematographers but also of bee keepers, farmers andshepherds, villagers and university students of the nearby city of Ioannina.ZAGORIWOOD was developed under the philosophy of “1 person + 1 camera + 1 computer= 1 complete filmmaking unit” and the work that is being done in the classes focuses more on practical applications, with theory just setting the basis. All of the teachers are active film professionals: directors, screenwriters, directors of photography, producers, musicians and more. All these, combined with the methods developed during the festival throughout the years, have resulted in awesome artistic outcomes; more than 30 short-length films, either fiction or documentaries, have been created during the ZAGORIWOOD workshops.