Stop Motion Animation: From Theory to Creation

Instructor: Irida Zhonga
Duration: 16-20 July
Participation fee: 100€

This workshop aims on introducing the participants to the world of animation using the technique of stop motion. Stop motion is a filming technique in which inanimate objects act and move. This technique dates back to 1898 and has been widely used all these years in cinema and television. From George Lucas’ Star Wars to Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and the recent Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson, stop motion continues to evolve and to impress with its artistic wholeness.
During the workshop, the participants will be taught the basic principles of stop motion animation and ways to create animation using objects and people. Then, they will develop a story into a screenplay, they will learn how to make a storyboard and acquire technical knowledge regarding the use of a professional digital camera and some simple functions of the DragonFrame and Premier programs for the processing and editing of the captured images.

Our goal is to put into action this knowledge for the creation of a short movie.